how to text a girl you like


what to text a girl you like

It is quite common for guys to feel like they are lacking in what to send to say to a girl in a text message. Here are two topics you can keep in mind when wondering what to text a girl you like. The first is coming up with cute texts to send her to keep her thinking of you. The second is all about displaying social proof in order to show her you have a life. Knowing what to text a girl you like will help improve your dating life so you can start getting the results you deserve.

what to say to a girl in a text message

Cute things to text a girl you like. Many people looking for cute things to text a girl online just try to find a cute text they can copy and paste. These texts are usually kind of cute but more often than not they are just really lame. Each girl has their own idea of what a cute text message is so it is important to be cater your cute texts to her. A genuine cute text will be so much more impactful than one that you just copy and paste. Not only that, it will probably be way more meaningful to your relationship with each other. So what are some cute things to text a girl? You may be able to think of a good cute text message to send that girl you like by thinking about what you guys know about each other. Your text should relate to the experiences you have shared with each other that are positive and have potential to be endearing. These kinds of texts are better to send a girlfriend or a girl who you have already built attraction with so you don't come off as creepy or weird.


This next topic is less to do with what to text and more to do with how to text a girl you like.


Displaying social proof. By showing her you have a life you will appear more attractive to her since she probably doesn't want to date a guy who doesn't have a life. First we need to define social proof. Social proof theory is defined as displaying that you have value by showing other people both like you and want to spend time with you. You appear to be a likable person so she feels like you are someone she wants to be with. Maybe you know she really likes this one band you went to see with your friends. You can text her saying something like "i just got back from seeing (this one band) and you would not believe what they did when they played (insert awesome song here)". If you are wondering what to say to a girl in a text message try sending texts that display high social value.

Since many guys often don`t know what girls like to text about it is a good idea to have a few topics in mind. Cute text messages are good for girlfriends or a girl you have already built attraction with. Be careful with sending cute texts though since you might scare her off by seeming weird. Displaying social proof is a great way to appear more valuable. By showing her you actually do things with your life and do activities with other people. Remember that it is easier to come up with good texts by keeping in mind what you know about each other. I hope you have enjoyed this post about what to text girls you like.