how to text a girl you like


How to text a girl you like

How to Text a Girl You Like

Ever wish you could improve your dating life by always knowing how to text a girl you like? This is actually a skill believe it or not. A skill that can be learned, practiced, and put to use in a practical way to improve your dating life. Already great with girls and texting? Can't seem to get her to respond at all? Experienced or not there is something in this guide for you. Learning how to text a girl you like is both rewarding and fun. Let's get started!

When texting a girl you are interested in it's important to know not just how to text her but also how you shouldn't text a girl you like. Ideally you want to build attraction. What better way to do it than by being on her mind literally at the push of a button. Since it may becoming more clear how powerful of an effect texting can have it might start making more sense how the wrong kind of texts could stop attraction in its tracks. There are a lot of common texting mistakes guys make so that's the best place to begin. It's the do's and don'ts of texting girls that will start us off in the right direction to master how to text a girl you like.


How to Text a Girl You Like: Don'ts


Don't forget to send emotionally charged texts. Most guys send plain old boring texts. Spice things ups. Imagine sending her texts that leave her smiling or inspire excitement. Really try to imagine what do you know about her that might grab her interest. Your average guy might text something like "hey, what's up?" can you imagine her getting excited about something so generic? Let's say you know you both like seeing trance music shows, so you can send the exciting text of "you will never guess which dj i'm going to see this saturday!". You've got interesting content, you're giving her something positive to work with, and you are leaving a bit of mystery. You can probably agree this is much better than "hey, what's up?" This is just a hint of the great principles of attraction we've got for you to learn. These are some useful examples when it comes to learning what to text a girl you like. Mastering the skill of how to text a girl you like will definitely improve your dating life.


How to Text a Girl You Like: Do's


Have fun and be social. Nothing will help you feel more natural than keeping a busy social life. You won't have time to worry about what to say or if she's going to text back soon. You would not believe how many guys end up just watching their phones to the point it drives them crazy. I used to do that too! Go hang out with your friends and have fun. Not only will you have more to talk about when you do text with that girl you've had your eye on, she will pick up on the vibe that you are in a state of abundance. This makes you both seem and truly feel more valuable and confident. If you want to improve your game and get the girl this tip will help you a lot. Combine this tip on what to do with the one above on what not to do and you will be well on your way to always knowing how to text a girl you like.

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